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About Us

Purwanchal2india.com, an online web store of Purwanchal B2B Sale, was founded with the intention of bringing unique products from abroad to Indian consumers. We are here to fulfill the needs of Indian consumers who are unsatisfied with mainstream Indian retail. Our customers have unique interests, passions, and pursuits that we are more than happy to satisfy. We supply a wide variety of products, including electronics, outdoor supplies, home accessories, solar products, and camera accessories. We are a rapidly growing company with the target of reaching 400,000 products by next year. We provide a transparent pricing policy, guaranteed delivery, and accept rupees for payment. There is no need to provide an international credit card or pay for surprise duty fees. We sell products with the intention of providing preferable service to Indian shoppers. We are a convenient means of acquiring international products.




Prior to the emergence of Purwanchal2india.com , international products were difficult to acquire. Thankfully, we are here to offer goods at the most reasonable price. There is finally a marketplace where international items can be purchased without exorbitant international shipping fees and Indian import duties. We offer the best prices, including shipping, handling, and duties, and we always guarantee delivery to India. There is no more potential for an unpleasant surprise. Payments can be made with any India issued credit or debit card, and prices include all other fees. We do not require international credit card payments. Products are delivered directly to your doorstep, free of hidden costs. We also have a customer service team standing by to assist you with any questions or concerns.




We provide products from all over the world. Our main goals are to make our customers happy and to provide the best online shopping experience, complete with sincere customer service. Our customer service representatives are willing to go above and beyond to provide a positive shopping experience. Give it a try! Though most of our products are shipped from overseas, our operations team is located in India. We guarantee a hassle free experience in which we deliver international goods to your doorstep. You can finally attain unique goods without the inconveniences previously associated with foreign products.




From home electronics, to small gadgets, you can find almost anything you are looking for in our international stock. Without the hassle of ordering directly from international retailers, you are able to save money and headaches. Additionally, our products are warranted against defects or breaks from abroad shipping. Instead of sending these products back overseas and paying additional fees, you can contact our friendly customer service representatives to deal with any issues promptly.

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