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Cosmos CBS Mix Plants Pack of 100


Cosmos CBS Mix Plants Pack of 100

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Cosmos are daisy-like colorful flowers with long slender stems. Cosmos produce flowers in a broad range of colors that bloom throughout the summer months. These summer flowers are the better choice to grow in your vegetable garden to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. Cosmos are easy to grow and they don’t need much of your attention. These hardy summer flowers can thrive in the hot weather of the summer and the limited supply of nutrients.

How to Grow Cosmos

  • Soil type – Planting cosmos in well-drained and fertile soil is considerable. They can thrive even in moderately fertile soil which is not desirable for many flowering plants but make sure the chosen soil is well drained
  • Climatic requirements – For the vigorous growth of these summer flowers, choose the location where they can get full sun at least for 7-8 hours
  • Sowing – Sow the cosmos seeds directly into the soil about ¼ inches depth and 10-12 inches apart

Method of growing – Direct sowing (outdoors)

Sowing time – March-July

Days for germination – 5-10 days

Days for maturation – 50-60 days

  • Special care – Provide support to the taller varieties of cosmos with the help of stakes to prevent them from flopping over
  • Watering – Regular watering is essential till the cosmos get established. Once after the establishment, maintain the even moisture in the soil. Cosmos can withstand low moisture in the soil but they don’t like over watering
  • Fertilizing – Application of organic fertilizer once at the flowering stage is enough in the cosmos. Too much fertilizer and frequent fertilizing are not required as these summer flowers can thrive in moderately fertile soil conditions.


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