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Zinnia Flower Plants (Polybag Pack of 1000)


Zinnia Flower Plants (Polybag Pack of 1000)

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Once established, plants are fairly drought tolerant. Avoid overhead watering unless you can water plants early in the day. Soaker hoses or drip irrigation provide good watering options.

Zinnias are prone to several fungal diseases that attack leaves. These diseases tend to develop more quickly when leaves stay wet overnight. Having adequate air circulation also helps reduce disease. Plant zinnias according to recommended plant spacing on pot tags — don’t crowd plants.

Embrace the beauty of a classic cottage flower: zinnia. This cutting garden favorite opens blossoms in nearly every shade. Lipstick pink, fire engine red, sunny yellow, cucumber green, perky peach — choose a color and you can find a zinnia to match. Bi color blends bring sizzling beauty to the garden with two-tone petals.

But flower color isn’t the only choice you need to make when planting zinnias. Flower type brings more variety to the garden with simple single-petalled blooms and luxurious double flowers packed with petals. Look for blossoms that unfurl from 1 to even 6 inches across. Best of all, the carefree beauty of zinnias is yours to be had for the cost of a pack of seeds.

Zinnia grows easily from seed sown directly into garden soil. All this bloomer needs to survive is well-drained soil with consistent moisture. If your soil is heavy clay, work organic matter into planting areas prior to sowing seeds. It’s also a good idea to add slow release fertilizer to planting beds. Work it in at the recommended rates on the package.

Wait until all danger of frost has passed before sowing zinnia seeds. These flowers are native to Mexico and can’t stand a chill. Plant zinnias in a spot with full sun, except in the hottest regions of the country. In these areas, zinnia plants thrive with light shade during the afternoon.



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